S.H.E and Hebe

Place your hand on me; you will find the love I did not tell. Whatever I hide behind the silence, you will sense it. I place my hand on you, to find you also have pain to hide. Whatever you hide behind the smile, I will bear it with you.

she2gether4ever bts, im sure pinky is playing with the cushion, he keeps eating it. haha so cute, hebe looks so different in the blue dress, the last concert was S.H.E is the one. Oh her skin is so nice, light and soft and their hair is the same as the last one.

They all look great! :)

I Ship It > Hebe ✖ Vanness (x)

haha, i thk little pinky is eating a cushion in the vid that clover subbed. so funny she keeps nibbling the cushion, so cute, i wanna have a pinky too.

Which video was that? And Pinky is so adorable


[mini poll] Now that Fall in love with Me has ended, between Xiao Lu and Tian Xing, which of them you liked the most, and why?

Lu Tian Xing because he can always change to Xiao Lu when he choose to. He is also his 100% true self. Though at first, I chose Xiao Lu for his cuteness, I ended up falling for Lu Tian Xing.

Translation Request: Hebe on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Translation Request: Hebe on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

As per lovehebe330’s request, a quick translation on Hebe’s thoughts of the recent ALS ice bucket challenge if she were to be called on.

News Video: Hebe on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
*Credits to tudou for video, tianb7 for upload

Hebe: I feel, if I am really being appointed as the next challenger by someone else to do the ice bucket…

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So is S.H.E doing an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?


Because at that time, I just candidly told them what’s in my heart, and Selina was even a little angry. She thought, how could I say something like this. “You are our team’s big sister. If you fall down, then what are we supposed to do?” So at that time, I felt.. Only then did I realize that in their hearts, I’m in a very important position. I told myself, I can’t fall down. I should be even stronger instead. [BTS]


→  I’m just here, waiting for their Ice Bucket Challenge while I make shitty gifs