S.H.E and Hebe

As requested, here is how to vote for Hebe
On: http://superstar2014.nextmag.com.tw/
This is the Next Magazine Superstar award (Top Pic)
You must have a Facebook account to vote. SO GET VOTING!! Hebe and Aaron are next to each other! ♥
Scroll to the bottom of the page link and click that button (I apologize I do not know what it reads in Chinese so I am unable to type the Chinese out so just follow directions)

Find Hebe (田馥甄) and click on the button below her.

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Find Hebe (田馥甄)

Click on the button below her and enter the verification code. Press the button at the bottom right hand corner.


To be sure that the vote counted, there will be a message

Hello, i was thinking for a moment and i thought! I would suggest you posting a photo for superstar2014 and dzzyb just in case there are some fans who don't understand chinese, know how to vote. Who knows? Perhaps this can increase bebe's votes. Of course if you have time then you do it! You can do it by using a tablet (screen shot the page) . ^~^

Will post as requested!

Hi why doesn't hebe act anymore in dramas? I think she's a really great actress's and I wish she would shine more! Her last drama bullfighting was so amazing and I really miss seeing her act! I mean bullfighting got good ratings didn't they??

I miss seeing her act too! Hebe said that she has no interest in acting and that she is too rational to act out her emotions. I really miss seeing her act in dramas and I at least want to see her doing a drama with Aaron Yan since he’s getting popular because of his acting. If Hebe and Aaron acted together, there would be a bunch of theme songs and duet for them to sing!  I feel that Hebe can act better than she thinks.

Hi i saw this on asianfanatics under the bebu forum quickly vote here for Aaron and Hebe Next Magazine Award under the category of Most Popular Celebrity and Most Popular Drama Actor from 30/7/2014 to 31/8/2014 (Note: You need to have a Facebook Account) Aaron is in 3rd place with 325 votesHebe is in 9th place with 102 votes Quickly bebu fans the voting just started and lets hope that they can get 1st and 2nd place!! they both made it to the top 10 and hebe and aaron fans need to vote quickly!!!

Thank you! Aaron is beating Hebe lol I want both of them to be in 1st and 2nd

youtube. com/watch?v=byIJaYpYMjo Fans should learn some good manners, not because SHE is a celebrity that they can do whatever they want (filming them and even saying mean words to them), they should respect their idols, if they were true fans. They are so rude, SHE is also a person. There were once a news that i read abt hebe too. She was in the airport and all fans started complaining that she didn't stop to shake hands with them and even said it's was not enough touching her head.

Fans don’t gotta be so rude with celebrities you know? I agree with you, S.H.E is also human, they’re regular people just like us. And just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean they have the abilities to insult them with such harsh words. Poor Hebe! Only Selina got the compliment while other fans bashed the other two! The Hebe one was REALLY harsh.
About the news, I read about it before as well and I got angry about it. Hebe needs personal space! Just seeing Hebe makes me happy enough, she doesn’t have to shake my hand.

Hi I have a quick question for the drama pi li MIT was the mail female role really meant for hebe but then her role was replaced by gui gui? Why was that and was it really true? Also will there be a angel street 21 drama there were rumors about it but I didn't really believe it

I wished angel street 21 was real. Hebe couldn’t accept Pi li MIT with Aaron because she is already filming Bull Fighting. :c and then after that she hasn’t acted ever since

Hi again, i was just thinking why hebe's votes on dzyyb are decreasing like that, perhaps, just in case you don't know. When you vote, there must be a little message which say 恭喜你投票成功 only, not 验证码不正确. If it's written 验证码不正确, then the vote didn't count as the verfication code is incorrect. I am only telling you this just in case you didn't understand what the message was saying and you were thinking that the vote has been counted. I hope you will not be angry. :)

I’m not angry I checked to make sure the verification are right. But thanks for the info


top 5 mv
→ S playing leading role | Ocean of Love [Genesis; 2002]

Would love to see Hebe’s picture in.the public here but I don’t live in Taiwan. SUCH A LARGE PICTURE

Would love to see Hebe’s picture in.the public here but I don’t live in Taiwan. SUCH A LARGE PICTURE

I realised that each one of them had their own importance in the group. I then started to like ella. DON'T FANS OF SELINA, HEBE AND ELLA REALISED WHAT WOULD HAPPENED IF THERE WERE'NT ONE OF THEM IN THE GROUP?? THE GROUP WILL BE INCOMPLETE AND OF COURSE, NO EXCITEMENT AT ALL! Selina's soft voice, hebe's high pitched and ella's deep voice! Now i want to say, if anyone likes only one member of the group, please learn how to like the 2 others too, it is also coz they are all three good sisters!

I agree with you! I learned that when one of the member is absent from an event -S.H.E isn’t complete. That’s why I was so sad when Selina had that accident. She wasn’t able to take part in events and spent time in the hospital. Each member is important not just for their voices but for who they are too! Their personalities is a huge influence on many. Ella is outgoing and brings up the mood, someone that I’ve never met before but feels like I could be her best friend. I started with her. Then for Selina, although she may cry a lot, is very sweet, brave, and funny. Sometimes her funny antics makes me laugh at her more than Ella. Hebe, she may be quiet but she has a lot to say. She is a person of words because when you hear her talk or write, she uses complex words and description. Her philosophy have always amazed me. Oh yeah, ive realized that when Hebe is doing her solo work I get a completely different feeling than when she’s with S.H.E. It’s a whole another level but it’s also fun in a way.

That’s right, no matter who your bias is in S.H.E learn to love the other two because they’re there for a reason. Once you see that one of them absent from an event, you’ll get the same feeling that if Ella or Selina or Hebe was there the atmosphere will feel different and complete.